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As many of you have probably noticed I have been quite absent the last month, though I have tried to stay a little active. Well, that reason is because I have been doing work preparing for the release of my second book which came out this morning! Some of you may or may not know that I am a (self) published author as well as running this site. I couple years back I released my first book entitled Blackout that did pretty well as far as sales and reviews went! Since then I have been struggling to find a new novel to write and came up with a solution… Entertainment 100 is a collection of one hundred of my early favorite posts from my website, now in novel form. It is volume 1 and I will be releasing a new volume between every novel I write. It is listed at $9.99 cents and is being released just in time for the holidays! Of course, you can also get Blackout, my first novel, for the same price if you like my writing style you have seen so for!


In March of 2015 Bailey had a realization… If he started an entertainment review site than not only would he be able to write on a daily basis, BUT, it would give him a fantastic excuse to be a lazy bum… Bailey’s critiques have been describes as personable, conversational, and honest. So, open it up and share his taste in Everyday Entertainment.

Actor, Book, Documentary, Game, Movie, Music, Stand-up, Trailer, TV and YouTube reviews. Along with Lists, and Articles.




In the future, after the world has succumbed to war. The government we know has collapsed, and the power has been turned off. A new government reigns supreme that wants nothing but control, and to hide the truth. Who will be able to stop us from being held down in a life before freedom or technology? Who will reveal the secrets and get the lights turned back on?


Thank you everyone for your continued support, I am already in the progress of writing my next novel and will keep you posted!



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Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them movie review


I have a Harry Potter tattoo. I just thought that should be noted before I write this review. I have a Harry Potter tattoo and a large obsession with the series… Needless to say my hopes were quite high for this movie and I’m happy to say they were not let down! Fantastic Beasts takes place seventy years before the events of Harry Potter and follows Newt Scamander on his trip to the states… You see, Newt has a case (that’s bigger on the inside) of magical creatures that he cares for and releases back into the wild. At this point in the world magical creatures are killed off because of the assumption that they are dangerous… Along the way he stumbles into a no-maj (a lazy U.S. way of saying muggle, which is SO much cooler), played by Dan Fogler, who basically plays the embodiment of every HP fan out there… Much like Harry Potter, this movie starts out fun and light-hearted but turns dark and grim near the end. Collin Farrell plays Graves, a man who is clearly bad from the start but has an amazing twist at the end… This was a fantastic movie, and a standalone great, despite being a spin off of one of the best series ever. I look forward to the massive series this will undoubtedly be.

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Office Christmas Party trailer review


Project X with A-list actors? I think yes! I’m a sucker for Christmas movies, party movies, and comedies…There is one EVERY year. Last year it was The Night Before and one of my favorite actors, Seth Rogen, disappointed me… I think T.J. is here to make it up to me!.. Office Christmas Party looks like a pretty standard party movie. The half-baked excuse they have to party this time is to win over a client and keep their jobs… Shit looks like it hits the fan though when EVERYONE in Chicago gets invited… Jason Bateman is in this too, I assume just being funny and attending the party… Jennifer Aniston though may have another hysterical role to play!.. Aniston is a highly underused comedy actress and I’d LOVE to see her bust out the We’re The Millers and Horrible Bosses chops again!.. I’m gonna see it, obviously! Just turn off your brain and laugh for a couple hours.

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An interview with Gail Ledford (Author of The Tail of Scarlet)

Gail Ledford is a 29 year old dog lover from Georgia. She lost her best friend, Scarlett, after spending the better part of 13 years together in January of 2015. Her first children’s book, The Tail of Scarlett, is a tribute to that friendship.

Why don’t you give us a short rundown on your new book The Tail of Scarlett?
“The Tail of Scarlett” is a children’s book based on a true story of my dog Scarlett and all of the different things that she and I went through together throughout her life (and mine).
What inspired you to write this book?
This is going to sound a little bit sad, but grief is pretty much what inspired me to write this book. I had always wondered what it would be like to write a children’s book, but I could never come up with anything that “felt right” if you know what I mean. And then Scarlett passed away in January of 2015. She was 13 years of age and she had been with me since she was 6 weeks old. That’s a long time! So, of course I was extremely devastated when she passed and I was trying figure out a way to process my feelings (she was my best friend in the entire world after all), but I also enjoy helping others as well and so I thought that I could use the book as a way to help others who may be grieving the loss of their own pet, especially children, because more often than not it’s the death of the family pet where they have their first experience with this kind of thing. I basically wanted to use this book to create a reminder for people to always remember the good times you had, and when the time comes to say goodbye, to always remember that you gave them the best life that you possibly could and to know that you will see them again someday.
How difficult has the marketing process been?
I won’t lie and say that the marketing process has been easy (I’m a terrible liar so that would not have worked anyway, haha!) This is definitely new territory for me and I’ve been learning as I go. I’m lucky that I have a great support system here at home who is willing to help me out in any which way that they can, and I’m very lucky to know a fairly large group of animal lovers who have been able to help me find places where I know where a great amount of my target audience will be. It definitely has not been all sunshine and daisy’s, but I’ve been enjoying it more than I thought I ever would.
So about you. Do you write full time or part time?
I am not a full time writer, at least not at this point in time. When I’m not writing I’m a nanny to my five year old niece (who is in the book by the way!), and I do volunteer work at Zoo Atlanta in Atlanta, Georgia on the weekends (I live about 30 minutes away from there so it’s not too bad of a drive). There, I work closely with the education department where I educate zoo visitors about the animals that live there along with all of the ways they can help their counterparts in the wild.
Did you always see yourself as an author?
I’ve always enjoyed writing stories, but I don’t think I have always seen myself as an author. I sometimes even have trouble saying it to myself now! Even after the first couple of book sales (which were mainly just to family and friends really) I found myself saying, “am I an author now? Is this like, official?” Then the local newspaper did a small interview with me and I went to my first self-published authors event and I was like, “well I guess I AM an author now, huh?” It’s definitely been a lot of fun.
Is there any other genre you might want to take a crack at?
This might sound rather odd coming from a 29 year old, or maybe it doesn’t, but kind like Young Adult books. I think I ever got the chance that would be the one other genre that I would eventually like to take a crack at.
What made you decide to sit down and write your first book?
As I said before, I’m lucky that I have a great support system here at home, but I think what really inspired me to write this book was that I felt like I needed a way to process the feelings that I was having. Scarlett might have been a dog, but we were together for 13 YEARS. That’s a long time to be best friends with someone, even if it’s a person! So I guess I felt like I just needed a way to finally release all of the emotions I was feeling inside. It turns out that it’s actually helped quite tremendously! And I’m not just talking about me either, others have come up to me after buying the book and have told me that Scarlett’s story has really helped them process their grief, or they bought it for a friend who was going through the same thing and how much it really helped their friend. And this is just the adults! I also know that sometimes it’s hard for adults to explain certain things to their children, and I was hoping that The Tail of Scarlett would be able to aid in that in some way.
If you could be the original author of any book, which one would you choose?
I LOVE J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, so I think if I had to pick it would be that.
What is your favorite movie adaptation from a book?
I have to pick just one? Hehe. There are actually quite a few book-to-movie adaptations out there that I think are quite decent. But if I absolutely had to pick one to put at the top of my list it would have to be To Kill a Mockingbird. Now, every time I go back and read the book I can’t help but hear Gregory Peck’s voice every time Atticus speaks in the book. His performance gives me chills every time.
And finally, what are you working on now?
Right now, I am slowly but surely working on another children’s book. This time it will be an animal alphabet book, but because I do volunteer work at a zoo, it might not be the typical animals that you are probably used to seeing. I tend to enjoy animals that are more of what I call “the obscure variety.”
Thanks for taking the time for this Gail! Anything you would like to say or plug?
Well, the most prominent feature of the book is Scarlett’s tail (hence the name) which makes an appearance throughout the entire book. The same goes for her real life counterpart. And if you notice throughout the book, Scarlett’s tail, no matter what she is doing, is ALWAYS wagging, because that’s just the kind of dog she was. So, I guess I would like to just say, “always keep your tail waggin’!”
You can check out Gail Ledford here…

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Cabin in the Woods movie review


Cabin in the Woods, Excuse me, THE Cabin in the Woods is a spectacular take on the usual horror cliche. It does this by being SUPER cliche and then explaining why all horror movies are that stupid. I’m not going to spoil anything, but, horror “movies” aren’t movies (wink wink). Cabin in the woods follows five stereotypes of teens as they spend their time out at an old uncles spooky cabin. You have the jock, slut, prude, pothead, and nerd/token black friend… Reviewing this movie is hard to do without revealing the twist because it is such a major part of the movie, but, just know that at a certain point it is no longer scary and turns into a sci-fi suspense! I can’t handle scary movies, however the story of this is so good that I really don’t care. If you are like that too this is definitely for you!


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2012 movie review


Sure the plot has massive holes in it, and sure, if you break down every little thing that happened to these people for this movie to go the way it did it would be mathematically impossible. BUT, did you see how cool this whole movie looked?! This movie follows Jackson Curtis and his family as they struggle to escape the end of the world as we know it while in the middle of a HUGE city. Also, this movie follows Adrien Helmsley on his road to discovering the world will end and trying to save as many people as possible… I’m not gonna lie, this movie sat on the top of my all time favorite movies for YEARS on end and is still the best disaster movie of all time in my opinion. However, I count a “good” disaster movie by how fucking spectacular it looks, sounds, and makes me go “woooooow”. That is all I did this movie, so I don’t blame it for having little to no story, and one that makes no sense when it decides to pop in. The acting is fair, the story is meh, but to this day it looks spectacular! (Please view on big screen with surround sound)

PS. I forgot about Woody Harrelson. He’s awesome. Obviously.

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Operator trailer review


What seems like a wonderful new take on romance and a movie about working with technology, quickly takes a turn for what is sadly just a rip off of an already nearly perfect movie. Although it is possible there is more to this movie than just being a clear “Her” rip off, it is unlikely. It opens with Retta (who might be a saving grace foe this movie) yelling at her team to find a new voice for their Siri-like system. Martin Starr then decides to use his wife’s voice, played by Mae Whitman, for the program. An aspect of this I really liked  is how it used formulas and charts in the trailer to show work and what-not. I really hope that is a big aspect to this film!.. Sadly though this trailer kept becoming more and more of a Her wannabe as it went on. Joe (Starr) began to fall in love with the voice/operating system that is his own wife’s voice instead of his actual wife… From what I’ve read about this movie there is a bit more to it but if they wanted to get any of that across, they failed with this trailer.

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Jacksepticeye YouTube review


FOR ALL OF YOU THAT DON’T KNOW JACKSEPTICEYE IS A YOUTUBE GAMING PERSONALITY… Okay, I’m done. I just wanted to do my intro screaming too… Jacksepticeye has uploaded two videos a day every day for a few years now and is my favorite gaming personality. Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of people I watch, but, I always seem to go back to him. Jack has a knack for yelling, and cussing. A trait most YouTubers have, yet, I never have the feeling he is pandering to his audience and he always is having a great time. On top of that he is one of the fastest growing channels of all time yet he has remained humble and down to earth… When it comes to Jack there is something for everyone. Whether you want to watch a 5 minute montage, a 10 minute horror game, a 3 hour unedited video, or just listen to him tell a story. You will find something for you.

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Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates movie review


Swing and miss… I’m a sucker for comedies, party movies, raunchy, and all four main characters. Even if every other person in the world hated this movie I should have loved it. Yet, here I am struggling to remember much about it when I watched it only a few days ago. Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates! A comedy starring Zac Efron, Adam Devine, Anna Kendrick, and Aubrey Plaza. A Movie in which two party animals are demanded to bring two nice girls to their sisters wedding and two terrible people fool them into bringing them… Now, the premise is awesome and I did laugh a few times… When the Massage dude was giving that erotic massage, and when Adam Devine was explaining the chocolate lollipop thing… Other than that I had chuckles. BUT, a movie thats sole purpose is to make you laugh should have you rolling and I most certainly was not rolling. With these four actors it took a god awful script to make this movie bad and that is what we got. On the plus side I saw Anna Kendricks butt, other than that I see no reason to watch it again.


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