Yes, I watched THIS movie. No, I really didn’t want to. Last night I was preparing to watch a supposedly really good movie I was very excited to see. Sadly, it was unavailable so almost against my will I watched this shit-storm. I didn’t want to go into it with a bad mind set though, so I opened my mind. This is what I refer to as a while knuckle movie, not because I was really turned on though. It was a white knuckle movie because it was SO awkward and uncomfortable. As all of you probably knows it follows a young woman who is top of her college class, very smart, and also a virgin. That woman then gets involved with Christian Grey, who doesn’t want romance, he wants to fuck the shit out of her and beat, whip, and torture her. Solely for his pleasure. Now, I have nothing against BDSM, if you are into that, power to you! But some of the ways he words these things are just uncomfortable. I honestly laughed a lot through this movie because of these lines, so at least that is good! The only scene I enjoyed in this was the “business meeting”. I didn’t enjoy this, I laughed a lot, but only out of awkwardness. Don’t watch it.