Blended movie review


Blended is the third comedy pairing of Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. Sadly, Sandler’s movies have gone way WAY downhill since the last pairing, so I didn’t go into this expecting much more than a few cheap laughs. What I didn’t expect is that although there were in fact plenty of cheap laughs, there were just as many earned ones, and I really liked the characters. Sandler wasn’t his obnoxious self we have all gotten used to. Barrymore really carried this movie in parts, and her chemistry with Sandler is as strong as it was all those years ago. A big fault I can find with this movie though is that it has lots of kid’s jokes but just as many adult jokes that are out of place in this movie.  I would be wary about watching this with kids, anyone overly intelligent, or my grandparents.  Now I’m not stupid, I know this is not an amazing movie and it’s definitely not in my favorites, but it is a fun movie with some surprising emotion. I’d watch it again.

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