Furious 7 movie review


I find it difficult to be too harsh with this movie knowing the struggles they went through after the untimely death of one of their lead roles, Paul Walker. But, I will do my best to keep that out of it. Furious is the 7th installment in The Fast and The Furious franchise, and 3rd since they switched over to heist movies. Since fast 4 they have been becoming more like expendables in their all star cast, riding off of the wow factor of the big names and faces. At first it was just cool to see all of your favorite people from the past movies in one, now its normal and they can’t ride on that anymore. I’ll be honest i was not excited to see Jason Statham in this as i am far from a fan of his, but now a days he fits this series well. What i was excited to see was Dwayne Johnson and awesome, over the top car scenes. Pretty much all of which for both we saw in the preview. Now again, i know the troubles this went through so i cant blame them too bad for the plot being all over the place, but at the end of the day you still have to watch the movie and its noticeable. Will i watch Furious 7 again? Yes, i love this series. Will i watch almost any other Fast and Furious movie before this one? Also yes.

3 thoughts on “Furious 7 movie review”

  1. Oh, B. You have a thing for Jennifer Lawrence and I had a thing for Paul Walker and it is truly terrible what happened to him. I absolutely loved that they were able to use his brothers and crazy CGI to complete this movie.
    Before I say anything else, you should know that I have a HUGE desire to street race. I think it would be so freaking exhilarating! Sadly, my Jeep is not ideal for that and I am to much of a whimp to actually go through with it.
    Anyway, the first Fast and Furious movie is one of my all-time favorites!! I love how low-key it was and how no one knew that it would blow up. It was so cheesy that it was lovable. I loved Walker and Diesel’s relationship.
    Now, I agree. The movies suck. If you go to see it expecting some genius, hard-core, masterpiece that you’ve never seen before with crazy twists… you’re an idiot. You go to see these movies for the thrill. Since technically it is illegal to race cars, you go to live out what you can’t actually do.
    Although majority of the movies after the first suck, I really like most of the characters. They are so quirky and funny and just look like they are having a great time messing with each other and I respect casts like that.
    I completely agree with you about Jason Statham. I am not a fan of his either and was extremely irritated that they added him to the cast. I don’t like The Rock being in it either. With Walker being gone, I am afraid the cast is going to be over run with big huge men that freak me out instead of hot, attractive Paul.
    But great review!! 🙂


    1. Jason Statham plays the same damn character in every single movie! I actually really like The Rock in it, he’s one of my favorite people in it. And of course I have a thing for Jennifer Lawrence! Who wouldn’t?!

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      1. I wrote you a novel and this is what I get?
        But ya. Agreed. He has no versatility. Well, me… I don’t have a thing for her. 😉


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