Her is a movie set slightly in the future about a man that falls in love and ends up having a relationship with his operating system. I saw the preview for this months ago and heard how good it was, but I avoided it because it sounded too strange to me. I wish I would have watched it sooner. Her is an amazing movie on so many levels. It’s dreadfully sad at times, but others makes you smile ear to ear. It’s deep in so many ways, and plays with the line of being comfortable. Scarlett Johansonn is a brilliant voice actor in this, truly making you believe that this computer has feelings, thoughts, hopes, and dreams. It is an absolutely beautiful love story, and THAT is where it gets even deeper. With how beautiful the love story is, you always find yourself thinking “but it’s a computer”. Even now it is what I’m thinking. Yet in the movie, people are accepting, like it’s no big deal. It makes you wonder if one day this will truly be what it is like. If that will be some generations interracial or same-sex couple that the people that just see it as strange because its not their norm will have to overcome. All in all this is one of the most beautiful, and deepest movies I have ever seen.