I got really excited when I found out this was a true story, because I love a good true story. Finding out that the only true part was his sales life was a little disappointing, but oh well! Love and Other Drugs is about a emotionally unavailable playboy drug rep, and an emotionally unavailable artist with Parkinson’s that fall in love even though they REALLY don’t want to. Sounds good right? Right! The thing I love most about this movie is that the characters never really change. They are these people from the start, they just find someone that loves them anyway. Jake Gyllenhaal projects so much confidence in this that it makes you confident to sell drugs and sleep around too(in the legal way)! Anne Hathaway just has layers and layers in this movie that you keep uncovering(not just the clothing). Even the dude that voices Olaf in this is great! The only bad thing i can find is that even though everything is necessary, it still feels twenty minutes too long. Great watch, just be emotionally ready.