Misfits is about a group of young offenders who after being struck by lightning are given powers. Misfits is an addicting show, even when I didn’t enjoy it as much as I wanted, the story intrigued me so much I had to keep watching. It is definitely not your typical “super-hero” show, even though they have powers. It is quite the opposite. They are delinquents, just because they have powers doesn’t change that, and I love that fact. Though it is a good TV show with a great story line, I have a few things wrong with it. There are so many plot holes that bother the hell out of me, and the writers don’t seem to care. On top of that I often find the characters a little bit annoying. Yes, I understand they are delinquents and need to act like them. I love that it’s true to that, I still have to like the character though! All in all it is a very binge watchable show, but not one of my favorites.