Like groundhog day, but with jizz. Premature is an… interesting concept. It is about 17 year old senior, Rob, who’s day keeps repeating every time he orgasms until he orgasms properly. There is almost no way to do this concept without having a few laughs, but there is also no way to do it without it being a tad stupid. Now, I’m a sucker for high school movies, they remind me why i don’t miss it at all. But, they’re hilarious nostalgia! Premature is no different than any other high school movie. It has the cliches, the predictable plot from the start that you will get 100% right. But, it’s OK cause it’s a good time none the less. Sure, there are lots of parts that are ridiculous and purely for laughs, but if you went into this wanting a deep Oscar movie and not a high school movie, you’re the ridiculous one! The main character, who I like to call “knock off Eric Foreman” is a great actor, I love the way his character changes through the movie. His sidekicks; male side character, and female side character, who’s names are unimportant were hilarious too. The real show-stealer was Alan Tudyk though. Everything he did was gut busting. Yes, it’s not a great movie, you aren’t going to take anything away from it. Who Cares? It’s a funny high school movie. Watch it once, laugh, then forget about it!