I watched this 2 weeks ago and I am still angry! And if you aren’t angry after watching this something is wrong with you! You will be angry at the male protagonist for being such a dick, and you will be angry at the female protagonist for so many things. Mainly putting up with him being such a dick. This movie should be called “The Spectacular Way Miles Teller Will Fuck Up Your Really Good Life With His Really Shitty Life”. But anyway, to the movie review. The acting was good, Shailene Woodly killed it, obviously. And I’m a big fan of Miles Teller, and obviously he was good in this because I didn’t hate him I hated his character. This movie is nothing special though. It’s your average love story between a well rounded girl going places, and a screwed up guy that peaked in high school who ultimately round each other out. I’ve seen it a thousand times, you have seen it a thousand times. Just watch one where you don’t want to slap half of the main cast.