Sleepwalk With Me is the true story of Mike Birbiglia, playing himself under the fake name Matt Pandamiglio, clever. Sleepwalk With Me follows Matt Pandamiglio, an aspiring comedian who’s sole purpose as a comedian is to take the bullet for those funnier and better than him. Until he starts incorporating jokes about his relationship he has commitment issues in. The first thing I noticed is that Matt is kind of an ass, if he wasn’t the main character, we wouldn’t root for him. There is even a time where he has to remind us that we are on his side! That is probably the only thing I can find wrong with this movie though. Being a very successful stand up comedian, Mike Birbiglia is obviously brilliant with his trademark dry comedy. What I didn’t know is that he could write and act in a movie so damn well! Sleepwalk With Me moves along at the perfect pace, telling it’s story brilliantly. If you are familiar with Mike’s stand up you will notice many of his jokes in this and his story’s which I love. The sleepwalking is a nice little bit, but for being the main part of the movie, I found it as more of a side story. The real aspect you will care about is the stand up. Seeing him develop his style and become more known and confident on stage is a great progression to watch. All in all it’s an amazing indie film, and movie in general. It functions as much more than a comedy and I had a great time!