Mad Max: Fury Road movie review


It is mid May and I firmly believe we already have the best summer action movie. Mad Max: Fury Road follows Max and Furiosa in a 2 hour long car chase from hell (but in an awesome way). Mad Max is all in the emotions and all in the action, I could probably count the words spoken in this movie. But, you know what? That’s not a  bad thing! This is about the action! This is about the massively over the top car chases! Beautifully done car chases with lots of practical special effects I may add. But there comes a point in this movie where it becomes more, where you feel for the characters. Nicholas Hoult, who played the weird, insane, screwed up character of Nux was my personal favorite. The only other thing I know this guy from is Warm Bodies, and I have to say, I had no idea he had these acting chops! He has a level of insanity I’ve rarely seen before, done so perfectly, yet you still relate to him. Charlize Theron played Furiosa, the bad ass girl in this movie that could kick any of our asses six ways to Sunday even without her sweet robot arm. Lastly, Tom Hardy. Tom Hardy has always been a good actor, lately I’ve been realizing that he is a great actor. He starts out the movie by saying “I’m not sure who is crazier, me or them.” THAT is a perfect statement. Tom Hardy talks less than anyone in this movie, yet acts at the same level or even above. The non vocal acting and the way he emotes with his eyes are on another level. He has asked to be the punisher in the new movie, frankly I’d give him a role as a flamboyant gay man if he wanted it. I couldn’t see this movie being anywhere near as entertaining on your TV at home. But as far as a summer action flick, it’s one of the best.

16 thoughts on “Mad Max: Fury Road movie review”

  1. Actually saw it the first time at home, then got the chance to correct my mistake when it was back on the big screen. What a film – definitely the best of 2015.
    I thought the same thing about the dialogue (or lack thereof). Miller said he wanted to make a silent movie and I think he was successful. It’s nice to see something that looks so different from the typical action movie. Can’t wait to see what he does next.


  2. urgh I loved Mad Max and I felt the same about Nux. I really startwt to like him. I haven’t seen the originals but I feel after seeing this version I really don’t have to. I expected two hours of in-your-face-action and I got it! Iam really excited about the other upcoming Mad Max movies


    1. I love that too! Though it works well in this context it would not work in a lot of movies. Imagine Breakfast Club or Shawshank without a lot of dialogue. Or pretty much any Quentin Tarantino movie.


  3. This movie was essentially one continuous action sequence. The best part? It worked. Seeing an unpretentious, fast-paced action movie was definitely a breath of fresh air.


    1. Exactly! It was the first action movie in a long time where I was engaged the whole time. I had to go to the bathroom 90% of the movie, but I bared through it cause of that!


  4. I suspect Jurassic World will be left in the dust by Mad Max. This is not only the best action movie of the summer, it rivals many recent movies. It is now in my list of movies to revisit for smart action that will make you think, alongside the original Star Wars trilogy, Terminator 2, Days of Future Past, Winter Soldier, and a few others.


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