Thanks For Sharing is a romantic comedy about 3 people at different stages of sex addiction (15 years, 5 years, and 1 day), their relationships, and their struggles. Thanks For Sharing is marketed as a romantic comedy, but it is a lot more serious at times than it is funny. When it is funny, it’s usually dark comedy. So don’t watch this if you are looking for a nice, sweet little romantic film. I honestly believe that is why it got such bad ratings, people were mislead, because this is a good movie. I love the different quirks of every character, giving them all there own little bit of crazy. The complicated relationship of Mark Ruffalo and Gwyneth  Paltrow is fun to watch, as is Tim Robbins and his son. The show stealer, for me at least, was Josh Gad. Seeing the character arc and building throughout this movie, and the way he changes is amazing. There is a part where you just look at him and he is a different person. All in all it’s quite a serious movie, but it lightens it up with some laughs. I’d watch it again.