So yesterday the trailer for the new Maze Runner movie dropped, and I thought I would share my feelings on it. It’s quite simple really, will I go watch this? Hell ya, I love the genre! Will it be good? Probably not, but Divergent sucked too though and Insurgent was good. The Scorch Trials is the second movie, of probably four, of the three book series The Make Runner. It is the THIRD series we have of this amazingly specific genre we somehow keep getting more movies in. Young adult dystopian fiction adapted from a trilogy of books. The first one was not a terrible movie, but it was by no means a good movie. This one however does look like it moves at a quicker pace, and I like the actors. I also believe that I will go into this movie knowing EXACTLY what will happen. It’s the second movie so they will rebel against the erudite/capitol, reveal something big they weren’t suppose to know, and probably ride away on a train. I’m just happy it looks like it doesn’t have an awful forced relationship! I know I sound like I’m giving it too much shit but the third Hunger Games movie, first Divergent movie, and the first Maze Runner movie don’t give me a lot of confidence in the genre anymore. But who knows? The action looks good, the plots not original but we know it works. Maybe this will pull something out of it’s ass and be good. I’m a fan of the genre, so I am certainly hoping for it!