So, I’m lying in bed and looking for trailers when I see Keanu Reeves. I think “That’s awesome, I love this guy, his movies are great usually.” Sadly, this does not look like it will be usually. This movie is brought to you by Eli Roth. The same guy that brought you Hostel, the wonderful gore porn series. Knock Knock is about a wholesome family man that lets two beautiful woman come into use his phone and change. These two woman then seduce him, screw him, and then torture him for doing so. First of all, he said no and tried to resist at first. He is a 50 year old man being asked to a threesome by two hot naked girls, and initially says no! You should commend him for that alone, not torture him to death! Second of all, Keanu Reeves is fifty years old! He looks like a slightly worn 35! Now, I don’t like horror movies, BUT I’ll watch the ones that look like they could be good movies in general. I don’t like Hostel, in fact I HATE Hostel. I’ve never walked out of a movie. I will go to this because it has Keanu in it, if it’s like Hostel, I will walk out.