Yes I am a guy, but I can admit that I LOVED the first Pitch Perfect. Pitch Perfect 2 is set three years after the original Pitch Perfect when they are all seniors, or super seniors for some! They are banned from preforming at the collegiate level, so they compete at nationals. I felt the magic of the first film was that it had the same effect as a dance movie, it made you want to do what they did! It made you feel good, and wanna move. It just had much, much better acting than most dance movies. If you are looking for that magic, it is certainly not here. Sure, stakes are higher, things are more serious. The thing is though, I don’t care as much as I did in the first, and I didn’t get into the songs. (Except with the German group, They kicked ass!) There were a few people I liked. Who stole the show was Keegan-Micheal Key, as Becca‘s boss. Every scene he was in was hilarious. Then there were the commentators, always funny. Then, Benjy and the new girl, who I can’t seem to remember her name. Other than that, everyone just played a stereotype. Hell, they played stereotypes too, they just entertained me! You have the fat one, the lesbian, the creepy one, the exchange student, the hyper one, and the ones that just seem to be there. All in all, yes I am ragging on it, but just because it was a cash grab and it shows! Its a decent movie, just not as entertaining or good as the first.