American Ultra stars Jesse Eisenberg playing Jese Eisenberg high, AND Kristen Stewart playing Kristen Stewart high! American Ultra is about a stoner who is a government agent, but his memory was wiped. He is designated a liability, but they are unable to kill him because he is too highly trained. Personally, I love this trailer! It will probably be a really shitty movie, just because it has the feel of a stupid comedy. But who knows, it could be really good, It is an original idea. Everyone wants an original idea, yet everybody shits on them when ever we get one. The main reason I like the trailer, and hopefully the movie, is its so over the top! He kills 2 men with a spoon, and ricochets a bullet of a frying pan to kill a guy! The two main actors are really good but they play the same character in every movie, but we know that works because we have seen it. We even know these actors together can make a great movie, remember Adventureland? The only thing I am not looking forward to is Topher Grace, but he is playing an ass hole, so I’m sure the part will come easy to him. Other than that, I’m excited, but nervous for this movie.