I will attempt to write this with absolutely no spoilers… Series finales are a difficult thing in every way. You have spent years watching this show (weeks if you’re a Netflix binge-watcher), and these are the last things your favorite characters will do and say. I have seen it done terribly, and I have seen it done very well. Never though, have I seen a finale as amazing as Parks and Recreation. Parks and Recreation did what How I Met Your Mother did, but not shitty. Each time Leslie touches someone, we get to see where their life ended up 5-50 years down the line! This is a very dangerous thing to do, yet it can be very rewarding if done right. I watched these characters for years, yes I have a good imagination, but I want to KNOW where their lives ends up! The final scene in this is one of my favorite scenes of any TV show. It is just dialogue between long time friends, and you know that when one of them is done talking, it is the last thing they will ever say. This is one of my favorite shows, and I believe this is the best finale I have ever seen.