The League is a TV show about 6 long time friends that are obsessed with their small 8 man football team. The league is a great show to watch from the start. Every season starts with the drafting of the football teams, then hijinks ensue. Something I really like is that these characters have tons of inside jokes that you wouldn’t get if you didn’t watch everything, its a nice little laugh that makes you feel part of the group. Although this is just your standard sitcom about friends what it brings to the table is the friends themselves. There is absolutely no reason any of these people should be friends. The only two people I understand is Pete and Kevin. But, the show addresses this. They are fully aware that these people are only friends because no one else would be friends with them! Yet it works, and I love it. The best character by far is Taco, played by Jon Lajoie. For those of you that do not know Jon is a comedic music artist that smokes a lot of weed and is famous on Youtube. Besides being famous on Youtube, Taco is basically the same person. Though there was a few points where I started to get uninterested, the show addresses this and picks it back up. I will definitely continue with the series