22 years after the original Jurassic Park failed, and 10 years after the opening of Jurassic world, visitation declines. To attract more people they create a new, bigger, better dinosaur, which backfires terribly… Before I get into my analytic review I feel like something must be stated… Holy shit! Now that you know my initial reaction, I can begin. Everything I have heard about this movie is that it is a monster movie, not a “Jurassic” movie. I completely disagree. Yes it may not be just like the first movie that made us all fall in love, but it does it justice. We didn’t want a shot for shot remake, we wanted the sequel we never got. This IS that sequel. For 22 long years people have been wanting to see the park open, now we have it! The main thing I associate with monster movies is the building up until we see the monster, this didn’t have that. From very early on you get to see this kick-ass dino they have created as well as all of our other favorites! They did have one build up that I feel was executed very well, the song! For the first 15 minutes or so you keep faintly hearing the well know “Jurassic Park” tones in the background until it finally plays full force, I got goosebumps. Chris Pratt, as always, killed it. This man is quickly becoming one of my all time favorite actors, and for damn good reason! Something that movies are known for is the 2-dimensional, non-emoting main character. Movies do this so that you can feel as if you are the main character, making you want to be them, and immersing you more in the film. Chris Pratt did exactly that WHILE having a character with a great story and emotions. While yes, 90% of this movie was made of CGI, I respect the fact that they did practical effects when they could. The many references to the original were great too. I personally loved this movie, and if you don’t think it does the series justice for some reason just remember their was a talking raptor in our last sequel, and this is at least a good movie in general.