Orange Is The New Black TV show review


Orange Is The New Black is a Netflix original series that just aired its third season. I absolutely love Netflix TV shows, its as if they can do nothing wrong! OISTNB at first follows Piper Chapman through her prison sentence after helping her ex girlfriend deal drugs on a huge scale. The interesting thing about OITNB is that you care so much more about all the other characters than the main character, and want to follow their stories more. As the series progresses it realizes this and makes the show more about Litchfield, the prison, as a whole. I realize almost any review ever will say something about how the character progression is wonderful, but you can’t mention this show with out talking about it. You get to see Piper go from a prissy middle class girl to a hardened prisoner. The relationships of prisoners, and the life inside. The amazing part about OITNB is that every episode it follows another character, showing flashbacks of their lives at important moments, and showing how they ended up in prison, or as a guard.The beautiful part of this is that you know every single small character on the same level you would know a main character you watched for 10 years. Very rarely is their a character you hate, because you see their lives, you sympathize. You like the guards, the prisoners, the people on the outside, and when you do hate someone, you love to hate them! Their are very few shows I enjoy binge watching as much. Season 3 just aired and I NEED season 4 now.

One thought on “Orange Is The New Black TV show review”

  1. The writing on OITNB is brilliant for character development! Pennsatucky was a bigot in season 1 and 2, she was a horrible person and a murderer. Yet in season 3 we got to see her change and say “you know what if you want to be a lesbian that’s up to you because you’re a nice person and that’s all I care about”. Then we see her go through what she went through in her flash backs and with the new C.O (don’t wanna give too much away for those who haven’t yet watched) and you do sympathise for her. You’re spot on here!

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