So, South Park is one of my all time favorite shows. It is absolutely hilarious and out there. One thing I have always wondered is what it would be like to be in South Park. Well, now I know! Stick of Truth is a great game, fantastic if you are a fan of South Park. You start out the game by making a character, which is wonderful since fans always wondered how they would look in the show. You then meet the characters of the show, who are playing a game set in a world like game of thrones (in their imagination). And it is REALLY in depth! Your character is a mute, which they address is weird. You wonder the game preforming quests as whatever class you choose, fighting people in turn based combat and completing puzzles. The amazing part about South Park being such easy animation is the game is identical. You feel as if you are playing a very long episode. The writing is hilarious, every character you could want is there, and it is just the perfect South Park game.