6 years. 6 years since 2012 came out and we can’t make a better god damn disaster movie? I would have even settled for the same level of disaster movie, just give it a different story line! San Andreas follows a father, who saves his ex wife, who has since moved on to a rich new man, and his kid… sound familiar? The other part of the story line follows a professor who has done research and found out that there is a way to predict the disaster, but no one listened… sound familiar? There are countless more, but I don’t spoil, so see for yourself (or just watch 2012). One thing I was hoping San Andreas would deliver on was making you care about the characters, it went in the opposite direction. Even towards the end, when everything is royally screwed, you don’t care about these characters. Why? Because they are unkillable, which they make very clear from the start. At least they tried to explain that they were surviving because the girls father had taught her survival tricks. And I did enjoy the characters, they all seemed to care about the movie and had good stories. Either way though, I was very disappointed. Just see 2012, or Day After Tomorrow, or almost any other disaster movie.