Game of Thrones follows multiple people of multiple families on their blood soaked, death embodied, sex filled road to aquire the iron throne, and rule the kingdom. Game of Thrones is easily one of the most popular, and best shows ever made, but why? Your favorite characters are  killed off at what seems random points. The bad guy seems to ALWAYS win. You have no idea who to root for because nearly everyone has their supreme shitty side. On top of that, it’s another thing you can’t watch with your family, what with the sex, gore, and torture porn-like aspects. All of those reasons are why we all LOVE this show! There has never been a show this unpredictable, crossing lines that TV has silently agreed never to cross. We as viewers are use to being able to predict where our show will go, know that our favorite characters are safe, and that their dicks are safe from knives. Yes, we cry about the same thing, but deep down we know we love it. Each week when we sit down to watch game of thrones, always on the edge of our seats, it’s because we honest to god have absolutely no idea what we are in store for. And THAT is why it is one of the best shows ever made.