Entourage follows Vincent Chase and 3 best friends and agent, on the many roads of stardom. Playing on HBO for 8 seasons, and making everyone who watched it feel poor and want to be a star, Entourage is a guys wet dream. The beautiful thing about this show, is it’s a fantasy land. For half hour, once a week (or multiple hours every day for a binge watcher) we all felt like stars. We were living a life of luxury, being with any girl we wanted, having millions of dollars, and amazing friends. The friends are one of the many aspects that make this show, after all, they are his ENTOURAGE. Eric “E” Murphy play Vince’s manager and childhood best friend, being the only one that seems to act like a normal guy (most of the time). Johnny “Drama” Chase plays Vince’s older brother who use to be a star but has since been forgotten. And “Turtle” plays another friend, who lives off of him and is basically comic relief (still awesome though). You can’t forget my personal favorite though, Ari Gold, his loud, foul mouthed agent. When people talk about Entourage they say it is like the Sex and the City but for guys, which is true. So you probably think it has lots of tits, parties, and star life… also true. What you might not think at first glance is that it has an amazing story and character progression throughout the entire series, with major highs and lows. Yes, you want nothing more while watching this show to be one of these characters, but you get attached to them too. You want to know, desperately, what the group of friends will do next. Will Vince be huge? Will Drama get back in the game? Will Ari be the most powerful man in LA? And so on! I admit, this show is not for everyone. You either love it or you hate it, but you have to give it a shot to see if you love it!