The Fault In Our Stars movie review


In celebration of John Greens book Paper Towns being made into a movie, I am going to review The Fault In Our stars. The Fault In Our Stars is my all time favorite book, but I don’t review favorites. TFIOS follows Hazel and Gus, 2 teens that fall in love. Sounds pretty normal, Except for the fact that Hazel has terminal cancer, and Gus is an amputee from cancer himself. TFIOS follows them as they pursue together to meet one of their favorite authors, Van Houten, in Amsterdam. Being that TFIOS is my favorite book I have read it probably a dozen times, and I can confidently and happily say that this is one of the best, if not the best movie adaptations of a book ever made. The characters are wonderful, if at some points a little unbelievable for teenagers. The settings are beautiful, and this movie is deeper than most made for adults. You will laugh, you will cry, and you will run to the library and pick up the rest of John Greens books, hoping like the rest of us they’re all movies one day.

9 thoughts on “The Fault In Our Stars movie review”

  1. I really liked this movie as well, but I was so dead set against seeing it at first.
    When I was younger (like in junior high) I tried reading Paper Towns, but HATED it. I never finished, because I thought it was so bad and ever since had been so turned off by anything related to John Green. Well my best friend wanted to see the Fault in our Stars movie, so I had planned on just seeing it, but being a reader it was against my morals to see the movie without reading the book. I ended up buying the book six hours before seeing the movie and finished it in time.
    It is honestly one of my proudest moments and I was so impressed with the book and the movie. But this is still the only John Green book I have read. I am nervous to attempt any others.


    1. Try Looking for Alaska, if you like TFiOS you will like that one. And I did too! Except I pre-ordered it and started reading it as soon as it hit my doorstep till I was done. No review for it though since it is my favorite book.

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      1. Ok, I will try it. Eventually. When I finish everything I already have. It really frustrates me when characters don’t have real people names…. but I will try and overlook that irritating thing.


  2. I haven’t read any of John Green’s books; was in fact dragged to this movie by my bestie. I did enjoy watching the film a lot though. It was quite unlike the teenage sob-story I had expected it to be.


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