Paranormal Activity 5: The Ghost Dimension trailer review


How? How, and why? Why do they keep making these stupid things, and how do they keep making me want to go see these stupid things. Paranormal 5 follows these two brothers, one of their wives, and their daughter. These people have uncovered tapes from 20 years ago in their house, and a camera, then spooky shit starts to happen… I’m not going to even pretend I know how these people are related to any of the other people from the FOUR other movies. I didn’t even know they were, but the poster says “it runs in the family” so… I guess they are, somehow. This trailer is phenomenal. Despite the 20 year old tapes looking brand new, this trailer is just amazing. It scared me in the 2 minutes it could,it’s intriguing, the opening scene pulls you in, it’s just a great trailer. But that’s the problem, I know it will be shit, you know it will be shit, yet we are still going to go see it. Why? Because we are still hoping it will be as good as the first…. and cause of this bomb ass trailer.

One thought on “Paranormal Activity 5: The Ghost Dimension trailer review”

  1. It is indeed the curse of the horror film junkie – trawling the endless rivers of effluent for that prize that comes along once in a while. Good post man, like the idea of a trailer review.


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