So it was announced that Looking for Alaska is being made into a movie, which is some of the most exciting news I have gotten in a very long time! Looking for Alaska follows Pudge, a high school student  who goes to a boarding school in search of his great perhaps. Alongside Pudge is his roommate, The Colonel, and a mysterious girl named Alaska. LFA was John Greens debut novel. Greens writing style has not changed much over the years, even in his first novel 10 years ago you equal parts cried and laughed (though I won’t tell you why). One thing that has stuck with him over the years as well, and is very obvious in this, and is possibly his only downfall. John Green tends to write unbelievable main characters. In most, if not every one of his novels the teenagers often don’t talk like teenagers, talking as if they are reading from an expertly crafted script. In my opinion at least, that is his ONLY downfall. The most amazing part about LFA is the teenagers though, they truly behave like teenagers. They smoke, drink, break rules, want to fit in, have meaningless drama, pull pranks, and most of the time their biggest problem is school (a kick-ass school in this I may add). The dialogue is amazing, the story is heart wrenching, and you fall in love with every character. I could honestly go on and on about the beautiful description of the school and the depth of every last character… but just read it.