Snowden trailer review


Yes I realize that this is only a teaser trailer, and I’m not even sure if that is an actual poster for the movie. Damn though, that was a phenomenal, I dare say PERFECT teaser trailer. It starts off with slow piano, slowly building as it tells the background of Edward Snowden through text over an American Flag. It ends by telling us that at 29 he was the most wanted man in the world (more accurately just America), and an all star cast of actors, followed by the release date. That’s it, that is the whole trailer. It’s perfect! We all know the story, we all know the conflict in opinions, we DO NOT know how this movie presents it (hopefully accurately and not in a ‘Murica! fashion). It shows no pictures, and it shows no footage. We get amped by the music, intrigued by the text, excited by the actors, and anxious by the release date. It’s the perfect teaser trailer.

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