I did guys, I really did want to like this. I tried so hard to like it, I remained optimistic, I exaggerated my enthusiasm when I had some… But I STILL hated this movie. Tomorrowland has a brilliant concept. A world on a separate plane of existence with all of the best minds our world has to offer. A young girl who has a knack for science and love for space finds an old pin to help her get to this amazing place, with the the help of an exiled former boy genius that wants to get back. Most people complained that it didn’t show enough of Tomorrowland, and that is what they signed up for. I had no problem with that! My problem is that it was supremely boring, at one point I left the theater to get popcorn, I usually won’t leave a movie if the screen is on fire! The movie starts out very strong. It pulls you in with the stunning visuals, you want to know more about this place, and this little boy with his jet pack. Then it cuts to the female main character, played by the rising star, Britt Robertson. At the point it flashes to her and her family you are still very interested, she has screen presence! Somehow though, from the moment the actual adventure of the movie starts, it goes down hill. Sure, there are a few good parts, the visuals are stunning throughout, and I like the future-ball at the end (to vague to be a spoiler, don’t worry), but it never quite captures the magic you want it to. The worst part for me personally is that it cites the story of the two wolves, which is an amazing story I even have tattooed on my arm. Now I’m going to have to explain forever that it is in fact NOT from the shitty forgotten movie from 2015. I wish this was better, it had so much potential, and started so good, but it lost it’s way. I wouldn’t watch it again.