SOMEBODY SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAVE ME! Today is a review for Smallville! The 10 year show that aired on CW about the life of Clark Kent, Superman, growing up and gaining his powers! I will admit it, back when I first started watching Smallville many years ago, I didn’t have much interest in superheros. Now, with Marvel and DC (kind of) I’m like every other media fanatic and know so much I’d make your inner comic book nerd weep. Back in 2001 when this show started superhero things didn’t have much of a fan base. There was Superman, 20 years before. And the Batman movies and TV show, one of which was Batman and Robin! Smallville started out in the first few seasons like every other show, with a formula. Every episode there was a bad guy, Clark took him down, sometimes finding a new power he has. At the end of every season he took down a bigger bad guy. Repeat. What kept it going in these days was the nostalgia, the homages, and the amazing character chemistry. Everybody that has seen the show will tell you the same thing… Clark is the perfect Superman, Chloe, Lex, and Lois are awesome and have the best screen time ever, Oliver WAS our Arrow before Arrow, and Lana’s voice is the worst thing ever. Around season four is when it really takes off, the stories get better, arcs get phenomenal, and each season is just an incredibly long, incredibly kick-ass Superman movie. Ever season ups the ante, and every season exceeds your expectations (except 7, damn writers strike). If you like Superhero shit, this show is for you. If you don’t this show is for you.