I love scary games, absolutely love them. Not only that but I like to fancy myself as GOOD at scary games… Not Amnesia. Amnesia doesn’t care if you don’t get scared easy, it doesn’t care that you like the dark, it doesn’t care that you watched The Conjuring while camping, then went out and happily played hide and clap. It WILL make you want to cry. Amnesia revolves around a man named Daniel who has wiped his own memory and now goes around a giant scary castle with monsters, solving puzzles. Sounds stupid and non-linear, and a terrible excuse to scare people, right? Wrong! Amnesia has one of the better story lines of scary games, the puzzles actually make sense as to why you are doing them, and to top it off they don’t even allow you to fight back! Amnesia’s scare factor revolves around the fact that they want you engrossed in the game. They instruct you to turn off your lights, and put on headphones. In the game you cannot fight, you can only run, and your character sees things the more insane he goes. So fuck your oil, USE YOUR LAMP! It is a phenomenal scary game, I just hope you still own your childhood night light.