So I am actually a fan of Adam Sandler, and ever optimistic that one day he will get his movies back on track. I’m a huge fan of Seth Rogan and watch anything he is in. On top of all that this movie has Jonah hill, Aziz ansari, Bo burnham, Leslie Mann, AND is written and directed by Judd Apatow… How did this movie fail? Funny People follows George Simmons, a massively successful comedian and actor who finds out he has leukemia. He takes Ira Wright , played by Rogan, under his wing as his assistant. After finding out he has leukemia, George reconnects with his ex girlfriend who now has a husband and a family and attempts to win her back. This movie doesn’t know what it wants to be. It is a comedy, but not funny enough for me to laugh that much, or call it a funny movie. It’s also a drama, but not enough for me to care about anything in it. George is a generally terrible guy so I don’t care about his problems, the only person that is doing good in the movie is Ira, and they punish him for it! The jokes are terrible, at tries to be too deep, you HATE most of the main and side characters, and it runs 45  minutes too long. At least the dick joke with beam of light was funny.