So I am all for equal rights, I very much support it. But I’m not going to back a movie that looks like shit just because it deals with that subject. I will whole heartedly back the first GOOD equal rights movie that comes out after the new law, this is not going to be it. Jenny’s Wedding is about a woman Jenny, whose parents want her to get married, the only thing is she is gay and they don’t know it. She then comes out to them, and schedules the wedding for her and her girlfriend. There are 3 major problems in this trailer though. 1. It is PAINFULLY obvious that the two leads have absolutely no chemistry whatsoever, which is really bad considering they’re getting MARRIED. 2. It looks as if it is every other rom com ever made, just with a little gay twist for good measure.  3. The trailer shows us the entire movie. Already we know that it starts out with her parents wanting her to get married, yet she has seemingly always been single. Then she comes out that she is gay and dating her roommate, and they don’t accept it at all. Then when it comes time for the wedding the mother changes her mind but the father doesn’t want to go, but at the final moment he decides family prevails… There it is, there is the whole movie, all in the trailer. I really like Katherine Heigl, but I’m not even going to bother with this.