Netflix is starting to become like Marvel, anything it puts out I will watch because it can seemingly do no wrong! Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt follows Kimmy who has been rescued from an underground apocalypse bunker where she has been trapped against her will for a LONG time. She then has to try and make it in New York with the education of a middle schooler, not knowing what anything is, and keeping her identity a secret. I first fell in love with Ellie Kemper when she was in the office, since then I’ll watch practically anything she is in. This, however, is her first starring role. The thing about Unbreakable is that though it is hilarious, all the time, it is supremely over the top. This woman has been trapped underground for years, yet seemingly the biggest emotional problem that has stemmed from it is her irrational fear of velcro… Yes it is a comedy and I shouldn’t take it too seriously, but it takes me out of it, no matter how funny. Though there is little to no character development, or story development, I am excited to see what they do with the show. I will definitely stick around for season 2, even if it’s just for a laugh.