Oh hell no? Oh hell yes! I have no idea why everybody is so upset about this, have you seen the trailer? They stopped taking these things seriously after the first one! Now you are just suppose to laugh! And I’ll tell you what, I just watched the funniest trailer I have EVER seen, I laughed my ass off, and I can guarantee I will do the same exact thing while watching this! Sharknado 3 is the third movie in the Sharknado series, properly titled “Oh Hell No”. This time there is “3 times the shark” AND “3 times the nado”. Frankie Muniz appears to be the main character now, which is awesome, I’m glad both Malcolm and his father ended up doing exactly what we all thought they would… Cooking meth and fighting sharks! Luckily though, after experiencing 2 previous sharknados (sharknadi?), Fin Shepard can SMELL them coming, good thing he has THAT super power now! All in all, yes it will be ridiculous, and stupid. It KNOWS it is ridiculous and stupid, so just sit back and laugh your ass off!