I am a huge Blizzard fan, practically devoting years of my life to playing Starcraft 2 competitively, and still keeping up with the scene and players. Yet a time came when I didn’t want the stress that the game gave me, so being a magic fan as well I turned to Hearthstone! Hearthstone is an online card game, using classes from the Warcraft universe the Blizzard has created over the years. Having thousands of cards and being able to build your own deck and play against people is wonderful. I’m a fan of magic, but not the actual collecting of the cards and spending a metric shit ton of money on them! In this game it is possible to earn your cards, though you can still by them if you want. Having an amazing interface, gameplay, and leveling system, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft will keep you saying “One More Game” for hours on end!