Remember the Deadpool from X-Men? Well don’t, forget it, THIS is perfect. Ryan Reynolds was born to play this role! This trailer is the perfect representation of Deadpool. It is hilarious, vulgar, awesome music, and breaks the fourth wall in the perfect way. At one point he literally says about his suit, “Just don’t make it green, or animated.”! He sits on a roof and fucks around, tells a guy that he is going to shit his pants, and cuts people heads off and shoots them! Deadpool reminds me of an older Spiderman that just became more sarcastic and ass-holeish, but in the best way! T.J. Miller from Collegehumor seems to have a small role in this movie as what appears to be Deadpools best friend and they have an awesome conversation where he says stuff like “You look like Freddie Kruger fucked a topographical map of Utah.” I love this trailer, and I am so happy Ryan Reynolds got a chance to do right by the role he was born to play!