Releasing a full length trailer for a movie a year before it comes out is mean, making it 3 minutes long yet somehow still not tell anything is outright cruel! During Comicon the trailer for the highly anticipated Suicide Squad was released, OBVIOUSLY I had to pounce on it immediately! I am going to be 100% honest, I am stoked for this movie, but I was extremely disappointed in this trailer! Yes it had pretty music, yes we got to see all of the people, but what do we really know from this trailer? What did we really get out of it? We got to see glimpses of all of the members, some more than others (I’ll touch on that in a moment) . We got to see that they are bad but we are rooting for them, and we saw the Joker, who has a ridiculous grill and tattoos. Now, I am very very happy with Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, she is the shit, and she looks like she pulls her off! But, I don’t need the trailer shoving it in my face! “Hey look, we have Harley Quinn. Hey, here she is again. Holy shit, it’s Harley Quinn! Did I mention we have Harley Quinn? I know you like Harley Quinn, she just happens to be in this!” I get it! You have Harley Quinn, we are all ecstatic! For those of us that don’t follow comics or suicide squad as much, please touch on other people so we know who the hell they are before we watch the movie! The Joker now… I am very confident Jared Letto will NAIL the Joker, so I am willing to have an open mind, but why does he have to have a grill? Those are all my problems with the trailer. I am confident this will be one fucking awesome movie, and I’m so excited! Next time, just tell us something about it in the trailer.