The Marshall Mathers LP 2 marks Eminem’s 8th album. Everybody knows about Eminem, and everybody knows about his heavy hitting lyrics, vulgar language, and controversy. In 2010 with the album Recovery, Eminem cleaned up his act quite a bit. His lyrics were cleaner, he was clean, and that was good! Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that Eminem cleaned up his act for his family, and himself. That is amazing, but I honestly miss the angry, drugged out, white boy, that is Slim Shady. In this album Eminem doesn’t bring back Slim, but he goes classic almost, rapping in his old school ways again! The lyrics are quick and rough, there is some anger mixed in. As screwed up as it is to say, I love it! I missed the Eminem that we all fell in love with, and this a phenomenal refresher. If you like his old stuff, trust me, get it!