Daredevil is a story we all know because we either suffered through the awful movie that had every ingredient to be awesome, or we had a friend that did and annoyed us about it. Sadly I was one of the people that actually saw the movie. When the Netflix Daredevil first came out I was very wary about watching it, worried it would also be a steamy pile of dog shit, with an even worse pointless spin off. I kept thinking that no TV show could be so amazing as to have us all forget the original terrible Daredevil movie and accept that it is in fact a good story. No TV show could have a good enough story to keep us hooked about a guy that’s biggest super power is free running and heightened senses. I was wrong. I was very, very wrong. Why? Because Netflix has what I like to call “The Marvel Gift”, it can no longer make anything bad, and if it does we will eat it up anyway. Daredevil in general revolves around a man, Matt Murdock, that lost his sight in a chemical accident when he was younger. His father was a boxer and was killed after he didn’t throw a fight. Matt Murdock grows up to be a blind lawyer, who just so happens to secretly fight crime at night. Though I do wonder how a lawyer with a night job ever sleeps… The first season of the Daredevil TV show shows Murdock first starting to become Daredevil, with an awesome costume put together from black stuff at Wal-Mart. The villain of the season is Wilson Fisk, played by Vincent D’Onofrio, an absolutely brilliant take on The Kingpin. Fisk has major anxiety, social, and anger problems from his abusive father, yet is a giant, both in size and social power. Helping Murdock is his best friend and legal partner, Foggy. Their secretary they helped in legal work, and was saved by the Daredevil, Karen. Lastly, a savior this is unknowing of his identity, Claire. Daredevil is another addicting show, perfectly moving the story along while giving us flashbacks for back story, and giving us peaks into future season that we look forward to. I count the days till season 2.