I have never done a documentary review, maybe never will again, but I had to do this one. Citizenfour follows Edward Snowden in him telling the story and releasing the top secret information about the NSA. I was inspired to watch this after first watching the Snowden trailer and wanting more, I then read almost everything about Edward Snowden and sat down at 2 in the morning to watch this. Citizenfour albeit is incredibly slow moving, yet incredibly moving at the same time. I am somewhere in the middle on a political standpoint, but I very much agree with what Ed did. Throughout the movie you see him reveal the information and it be leaked to the news bit after bit. Ed becomes more tense but never wavers or has regrets. One thing I really admire is the fact that he never once wants the story to be about him, he is perfectly happy to stay in the back. He wants the story to be about the story, not his personality. I don’t want to spoil much, but it is a great watch. Slow moving, but it really makes you think about what is going on around you, right where you live.