On request I watched Sweet Home Alabama, a very typical, ordinary chick flick. Whats very strange is the fact that I liked it, quite a bit actually. Sweet Home Alabama follows Melanie Smooter, an Alabama country girl that moved to New York City to become a fashion designer when she divorced her high school sweet heart. In NYC she gets engaged to a new man, a very rich mayors son. She then has to go back to Alabama to try and get OFFICIALLY divorced from her high school sweet heart, Jake. This movie is a very typical chick flick, very very very typical. But who cares? It’s funny, I love the characters and the chemistry they have. The more the movie goes on the more you learn about her awesome past. Plus, this movie made me really miss small town living. Jake, her Ex played by Josh Lucas, is by far the best character. He has sarcasm, and attitude to match hers, he lives like one should, and is a nice guy. All in all it was a great watch, who says guys can’t enjoy chick flicks?