Backstrom TV show review


I love Rainn Wilson guys, I love him so much, he is just the shit. Backstrom is a crime/comedy/drama (Cromama?) TV show starring Rainn Wilson as an asshole, chain smoking, alcoholic, cynic with health problems. It’s amazing. Everett Backstrom is head of the special crimes division, which has an ensemble of other characters whose stories you also love! Backstrom lives on a bad-ass house boat with the son of a hooker he use to sleep with that provides him inside information. Oh, and he use to be engaged to Sarah Chalke. Backstrom runs like every other crime show does. At the beginning of every episode they get a case, by the end they solve it. That is not why you watch it. You watch it for the perfect 3D characters, the side stories, and back stories being uncovered. You watch it for Rainn Wilson, and Backstroms unorthodox techniques and strange way of conducting himself with people. You watch it because this show is amazing.

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