Ex Machina movie review


I’m going to say something that a lot of people are probably not going to be happy about. I really did not like this movie. Sure, the ending had a wild twist ending, but so does every M Night movie and that doesn’t mean they are good. Ex Machina follows Caleb, played by Domhnall Gleeson who is just awesome at playing awkward smart guy. Caleb gets picked to go out and help a creepy genius test out his sexy AI robot. After that the movie moves incredibly, awfully slow and nothing interesting happens until the last 20 minutes except stuff that’s awkward to watch. It has good acting, but it is slow, boring, and unfulfilling. That is all I have to say.

7 thoughts on “Ex Machina movie review”

  1. I didn’t really care for this one either. It falls in the same category of “social commentary” sci-fi movies as District 9 where it says and does absolutely nothing new in the hopes that the audience wouldn’t notice. I think the main problem with this generation when it comes to the “humans are monsters” trope is that they only perceive that classic science fiction writers used it, not why. Therefore, these authors use the trope, thinking that because that aspect imitates the style of classic science fiction, critics will trip over themselves to give them five-star reviews, which they do – time and time again. Consequently, the trope is overused to the point where it has long, long overstayed its welcome. If it’s any storytelling trend that desperately needs to be retired, it’s this one; there is no longer a single new direction this trope can take – at least not by playing it straight. The presence of this trope can kill my interest in a work on the spot, hence my antipathy towards games heralded as classics by the rest of the internet such as The Last of Us and Mother 3. Going on the way that it is, I only expect more people to feel this way.

    I didn’t dislike Ex Machina as much as District 9, which I felt was flat-out bad, but while critics went nuts for it, to me, it never ascends past the level of being “sort of neat”. Also, the ending lost me. It’s not the worst ending I’ve ever seen, but it felt very anticlimactic. Long story short, this movie had the pacing of a narcoleptic snail and was only slightly more interesting to watch. I’d give it a 4/10.


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