Meh. The first two movies were meh (third shit) and this trailer was meh. I loved the Hunger Games books. Always wanted to like the movies but never really good. They aren’t bad, but definitely not good. The first two movies were basically the same exact movie, with an hour of stuff that was kind of interesting in a movie that was an hour too long. the third movie was utter shit, which is what happens when you make a movie from a first act of a book, obviously! I am very confident that even though this trailer doesn’t look fantastic, it will be a fairly good movie. Why you ask?  Because it has the same awesome ability that Harry Potter 7 part 2 did. It had one shitty movie of build-up that allows this movie to be all out balls to the wall action. Which is all the trailer really tells us. We know someone gets married, there is lots of action, lots of people die and “Oh no! War!” Hopefully I will like this movie as much as I liked the last book.