I have said it before and I will say it again, Netflix has some of the best TV shows I have ever seen. This one, I am not too sure about. That is the 100% honest truth too, I just don’t know. Sense 8 follows follows 8 completely different people around the world who have all been linked together. Those 8 people are becoming the same person, being able to know the others thoughts, feel their feelings, and become them in an instant. The characters are absolutely amazing, I don’t recognize anyone but they couldn’t have done better. First and foremost this show is original, but very very strange. I kept watching it because I knew it would get interesting, but it is one of the slowest moving stories I have ever seen. When it came to the second to last episode, I couldn’t believe I was almost done because the story had done so little. In my opinion the problem is following 8 people at different times, they each get so little screen time to progress their stories. It really is a shame too, because the stories they make are great! Also, on one of the last episodes it makes you watch 10 woman give birth in very close up high-def detail. That was unexpected. This show was hit and miss with me. Story was great, but there was so little of it. Characters are awesome, but it was incredibly slow. Action was good, but I saw 10 women in labor. I haven’t decided if I will watch season 2, you be the judge.