I watch a lot of trailers, obviously. Sometimes I am a little off on my initial judgement (Aloha), but I am usually right on the money when it comes to figuring out if something is funny… I have not a single damn clue if this will be extremely funny, or extremely stupid. So you know what is most likely? It will be extremely stupid funny. Vacation follows Rusty Griswold, son of Clark Griswold who decides to reinvent his childhood vacation for his family. This is just full to the rim with dick/vagina jokes, fart jokes, sex jokes, and so much other cheesy stupid shit. BUT it also has a lot of funny, clever homages to the original vacation. So far I have already decided that I hate the kids with a passion, but the comedic chemistry between Ed Helms and Christina Applegate is awesome. T feel like I will laugh like crazy, but cringe just as much. I want to see it in theaters, but only if it’s not with my money.