Zoolander 2 trailer review


This is just a teaser trailer so there isn’t much to it, it’s basically a trailer for ants, but that’s good cause it doesn’t spoil a damn thing! The trailer starts out with a Stephen Hawking sounding voice talking about the universe and the human brain. Then it shows a bunch of awesome homages to Zoolander like a no left sign, hair dryer, an ORANGE MOCHA FRAPPUCINO(!), a merman, and so much other cool shit! Then zooms in on Zoolander asking why god created ugly people, and questioning the movie title. And that’s it! That’s all it is! But it makes me wonder, is Hansel in this? Because he is SO hot right now! Either way I am really looking forward to this. I realize it is like 15 years too late, but who cares? We are all STILL talking about this, and Stiller hasn’t aged a day!

3 thoughts on “Zoolander 2 trailer review”

  1. The trailer was certainly unexpected. I wasn’t sure what they were going for there, but the audience did all laugh when Stiller appeared so it’s definitely doing something right! Doesn’t really seem like my kind of film, but could be good if the writing is handled right.


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