I realize that this is a long overdue post, but I prefer to look at it as fashionably late! Age of Ultron is the kick-ass sequel to the Avengers movie. Age of Ultron follows the Avengers team as they attempt to take down Ultron, an AI created by Tony and Bruce set out to kill the planet. I was able to see this movie in theater, and let me tell you, I would not have enjoyed this nearly as much on my laptop! Within the first 5 minutes I had goosebumps on my arms and had put away my popcorn. This movie adds so much to the Marvel universe and the brilliant characters we have all fallen in love with. I am not saying that any of these characters were two dimensional in either way, but they never had the depth they do now. Hawkeye is one of my favorite characters now, and the heart of the Avengers in my eyes. I feel for Bruce and Natasha and wan them to be happy. I understand Tony’s fear and mistrust. The deepness is… deep! But that is not even close to all this movie brings to the table! The fight scenes are bad-ass, the Hulk buster scene is one of my favorite in the whole movie, and the comedy is spot on! I don’t know how many movies these stars have left in them, but I will be so sad to see them go.