I love this show, my god do I love this show! There are few shows that I laugh more at than this show! New girl is about Jess Day, a girl that moves in with 3 (turns into 4 later) guys after a bad breakup. This show could have crashed and burned so easily, and it almost did, but it stuck in there! What makes this show so so SO amazing is the personalities. Jess- Extremely optimistic, overly bubbly, sings about everything. Nick Miller- Very smart and equally lazy, has a strange friendship with an old Asian fellow. Schmidt- Good guy, GIANT douche bag, use to be fat in college. CeCe- Model, bad-ass, Jess’s best friend. Winston- Ex “pro” basketball player, very sensitive, has a strange relationship with his cat. Coach- He’s a coach… You put those personalities together and you have yourself one god damn, knee slappin’ hilarious TV show! One thing I will admit though is that even though there are story arks, and I care about these characters, not much happens. There are heartfelt moments, and moments that the story moves forward, but they are few and far between. If you want to laugh your ass off though, THIS is your show!